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Josh and Rebecca

We are a quirky, fun, and sometimes serious husband and wife tean. who love talking about our interest. One thing we love is animation and making redemptive analogies from anything like Nartuo all the way to stuff like Disney's Frozen.

With one of us having a degree in media production (with a minor in film theory) and the other with a masters' in art/visual culture, we feel we are somewhat experts and use this as our ministry to reach those who may not know Christ. We have a good balance between the fun and the spiritual. So whether you looking for commentary on an animated movie/TV show or want to hear our thoughts on theology as it pertains to the above, we feel you will find it here.

When we are not recording our podcast, writing our blog posts or watching animated media (which is kind of how we spend our free time), you can find us hanging out with friends/family, playing games on our various consoles, snuggling up with our two dogs or you may spot us at our favorite local coffee shop in Nashville,TN.

Bridging the gap between animation and faith, two worlds that may have never collided until now. It is our hope and desire that the content we bring you is both uplifting and reflective in your spiritual walk.If not a person of faith, we hope that this can at least brighten your day.

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