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A Rabbit, Eggs and Jesus

When you hear the word Easter, what do you think of? Many of us probably think of coloring eggs, hiding them, getting our pictures taken with the Easter Bunny (for some of us, against our will), and of course candy (the Reese’s egg dome shaped ones are my particular favorite).  For us who are Christians though, we think of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now don’t worry, I won’t be retelling you the story (you can find it here and your pastor will probably have a message about it this Sunday), but I do want to briefly focus on the outcome of those events.

The crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is pretty much the foundation of our faith and without, there isn’t much to hold onto. If Jesus did not come and die on the cross, we would all still be living under the law and be in bondage to our sin and divided from God.  When the two aforementioned events took place, it changed everything. Jesus as a man took the burden of all our sins, past, present and future upon him and said “it is finished”! What a comfort to know that if you are a believer, that it is a breath of fresh air to know and have security in something like that.

Knowing this, you are put in right relationship with God and are part of His family. God is fully invested in you through Jesus Christ and he is that still small voice you can depend because He will always be with you. During this week, take the time to reflect and celebrate on the miracle that took place all those years ago and still holds true today.

Speaking of miracles, this week on our podcast, we will be discussing the movie Prince of Egypt and the importance of Passover. Episode will premiere on 4/15 (Good Friday).

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