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I have been dealing with fear and unrest lately? Why is this? The current economical situation? No. The lawlessness that runs rampant? No. My fear and unrest comes from my teeth. Only my close friends and family know of my dental situation. To put it simply, gum disease is no fun, while I have had a few treatments and my teeth look good, my goal is to keep my natural teeth as long as possible. This includes quarterly visits to my dentists, my rigorous home care regiment, and changing my diet to cut down my sugar intake.

So why am I fearful if I am doing all the right things? Well, whenever I know something like some dull pain in area of my mouth or some very slight teeth shift, my mind goes to worst case scenario. I wonder if my gums are still healthy the next time I go in or if there has been no improvement at all. To say my anxiety is a bit raised at those times would be an understatement.

However, even with all that, if I am doing all I can do and anything my dentist can recommend, I still have hope. Another thing I have been pondering on is Psalm 56. This Psalm came to mind as I was listening to David, a stage play that is available on Spotify that puts the story of David into song. Psalm 56 was essentially sung and just brought that to life for me. Trusting in the Lord has been hard for me lately because I tend to rely on my own understanding. But I am getting better at this.

If you are ever afraid or fearful, go to Him in prayer to ease your mind and ask Him for His guidance. “When I am afraid, You are my hiding place”.

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