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Are you being too comfortable?

This past Sunday, my wife decided to pick up Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Rebecca is a fan of what many refer to as cozy games. Cozy games are (as the name implies) games that are more tasks or puzzled oriented. While Zelda: Breath of the Wild is combination of combat, puzzles and finding/selling items, Rebecca has played it in a cozy way. Other games that can be deemed as cozy are such titles as Unpacking, Potion Permit, Spirit of the North, etc… With all this talk about cozy, thing made me think of our own life, of are we being too cozy?

Have you ever felt stagnant, in a rut, set in your ways, or like you are a song being played on repeat? This could be a season of your life, but in our case, it is because we have become too comfortable. Being comfortable is not necessarily a bad thing, but when it gets to a point where you are just complacent with the status and quo and more importantly with your spiritual walk, that is getting into some troublesome waters. For me personally, I had a plan to read a chapter of the bible each day. How is that going? Not as expected. Reason being is because I got comfortable with my day to day routine and didn’t want to disrupt my process. Selfish, yes, all to common for many, sadly yes again. However, acknowledging this lacking in my relationship with God is the first step and action is the next follow as I seek to deepen my relationship with Him as I once did. This means getting out of my comfort zone and being uncomfortable. That is how we grow, right?

So if you are feeling in anyway like I described above, try being uncomfortable for a change. Change your setting, your outlook, or your routine. You may be surprised at what the outcome is. When thinking about changing your routine it can be a bit, scary but think onthese words from the Book of Luke.

Shortly after His resurrection Jesus met two men walking home from Jerusalem, and joined them incognito. The men were anxious and upset, and Jesus didn’t immediately go about soothing them. They later described their hearts as “burning within them” during their conversation with Jesus. -Luke 24:32

Your comfortability will not be immediately adapted and may take time get a handle on, but do know that God is working within you to better yourself for His Glory.

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