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Cringe Coming To End and Updates

If you have been listening to our podcast this past month, you know we are doing our Cringetober series. We took some of the worst faith based animated Christian movies and we prayed that God would cleanse our minds of this just awful content.

We looked at such films as Finding Jesus and Joshua and the Promiseland. These movies had a lot wrong and not much right. Yes they told good virtues and were not too heavy on the proselytizing, but it didn’t stack up to the quality (or lack thereof) as far as we were concerned. We wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that while there was good intentions behind these …films, they were better left as an idea.

We have one more, yet different cringy animated movie left for this month. As October comes to a close in a week, reflect on the cringe, don’t let it overtake you and get ready for some awesome content coming up!

Speaking of which, as we are planning for 2023, there are some changes we wanted you all to make you aware of! While some things we want to keep a surprise, here a few things you can expect.

-More YouTube Content

-More posts that are not just about the podcast on our socials

-New Setup

2023 is going to be exciting and we are ready to embrace what the Lord has in store!

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