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Do I Know it All or Just Think I do?

Having been on this earth for over a quarter of a century, there have been many experiences I have had. Those experiences have shaped me for the better or not so much depending on the experience. However, one thing is for sure, I have learned from each one!

When we are at different stages in life, we think we know everything. At eighteen, I thought I knew it all, after all I was a brand new adult officially. At 21 I thought I knew it all, I was now able to drink alcohol and felt more sophisticated. At 26, I thought I knew it all, I could now rent a car and felt I was adulting at the ultimate level. At 30, I thought I knew it all, I… well you get the picture.

I thought for the longest time, once I reached a magical number in age, I would have instant wisdom or have had so many experiences that I could now tell everyone I had reached the ultimate level of understanding. Not so much. There are still so many things that I have yet to experience and probably need to go back and reflect on some events to see how past ones have shaped me.

In the book of Ecclesiastes, it tells us just how much we don’t understand about the world in which we live in and the vast wonders of our creator (Ecc  11:5), Our growth on this earth is on a continual path and even into eternity. When you think you know it all, instead of perhaps thinking that you have it all down; ask God to show you area’s of growth or to bring your opportunities for growing.

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