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Found Family

We have all heard of the phrase “you can’t choose family”, right? Well what if you could? The found family trope has been used in various anime’s such as Fairy Tale, Hunter X Hunter, One Piece,  and most recently Spy X Family.

Spy X Family has been one of the year’s most acclaimed anime from voice acting to storyline. The series follows a family of three (now four with the addition of the pet dog, Bond) made up of a spy, a telepath and an assassin. While in most cases this would prove to be somewhat of a dysfunctional family dynamic…it works! Lloyd Forger (also known as Twilight) is  tasked with a mission which requires the formation of a family. Lloyd , Anya and Yor are what many would consider the model family and that is exactly the image Lloyd is going for.

How does this relate to the found family trope? Simply put, found family is the formation of a close knit group of people, that while not blood related, share in each other’s struggles and genuinely have each ones’ best interest.


Anya, and Lloyd, all have this in common. Anya wants to help her parents through her telepathic powers, Yor wants to make her family happy with her evolving cooking skills and Lloyd… “it is all for the mission” (but honestly, he is not fooling anyone). They all work together as one unit, through the highs, the lows and the unexpected parts of life. Just as a regular family would.

Probably one of the most applicable Biblical examples of a found family is the book of Ruth (particularly chapters 1 and 4). This tells of the alliance by two opposing families (among other things). We encourage you to read the book of Ruth to further your understanding of the trope of found family (as well as watching Spy X Family). You may not be able to choose your family in the way the Forgers have, but you are part of an even more diverse family; the Family of God!

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