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God and Time Travel

Time travel has always fascinated me. This all started with my love of stuff from the 80’s and a particular movie that came out during that time. To say that I love Back to the Future, is an understatement, because I have probably seen the whole trilogy about 100 times by now. Doc Brown and Marty McFly go on three adventures to fix the past so that they can still have a future is essentially the plot of each movie. While the plot is similar for each movie, each part of the trilogy does it in a way that is far from boring. At one time (and still kind of do), I wanted a DeLorean that was a replica of the Back to the Future one used in the movie. If it has a working flux capacitor, that would also be a plus! Why am I talking about time travel though?

Thinking about time in essence is a construct that us humans have made in order to keep track of events, life, etc…. However, there has only been one time traveler and that is God. He sees the beginning, the middle, the end and beyond! To have the omniscience, I could barely comprehend how that would work. Think about it, how would your life be different if you could know what would happen exactly when it was supposed to? There would be no surprise in life. Everything you know would be choreographed and you would more than likely have some sort of journal to plan your days according to what was to take place. Sounds a bit boring, right? That is the beauty of not being omniscient though. Life can throw us curveballs. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. However, both cases should draw us to one thing.

When the time traveler and author of our lives knows more than we do, we should go to Him in prayer and seeking of what are the next steps to take. God may have not a DeLorean that we can hop in to see our future. But God’s version of giving us a glimpse of the future is far more valuable and relational. When we spend time with God, He will give us just enough information to what step to take next and thus planning our next step of the future.

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