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Grief, Where is Thy Comfort?

Many of us have lost a loved one, whether that be friend, family member, spouse etc…. The grieving process can be somewhat of a rollercoaster with its moments of guest despair and its moments where there seems to be a bit of light in the dark moments.

I believe that when you are grieving it is important to surround yourself with community. While it is easy to shout yourself off from the world when grieving, is it is not the best solution. Spending times with those who care about you is part of the healing. You can recollect about those times that you had with that loved one in which you treasured.

In the south, where I reside, we do something call a “meal train”. Basically when someone has passed, we bring that family who is going through a difficult time, home cooke meals, groceries, etc… While you might be saying “why food, that is not going to bring back that person who they lost”. While you would be correct, this act of southern of hospitality, was never meant to be a solution to grieving, it does give that family one less thing to worry about and more time to spend on the thing that matters.

Psalm 34:18 gives us the solution to lean on in those times of grief. This week, think on these things in how you can comfort someone during their dark days.

To hear more about the topic of grief and our taken on Disney/Pixar’s “UP”, make sure to listen to our podcast episode here.

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