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Jesus: A Demon Slayer and a Hero

If you haven’t watched Demon Slayer or heard about its opening theme being played at the closing ceremony of this years olympics held in Tokyo; you are missing out! Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba for you Japanese speakers, has developed to be somewhat of a cult following. I believe this, in some regards is thanks to the pandemic of 2020.

Demon slayer has been putting out lots of merchandise, funko pops are said to land this fall of all the main characters and heck there was event a Demon Slayer pop up Cafe in Japan for a short while at the conclusion of the first season that aired in 2019. To add to this, Demony Slayer: Mugen Train the Movie beat out Mortal Kombat at the box office and event surpassed Spirited Away,  making it the #1 anime movie of all time.

To give a brief synopsis, Demon Slayer follows a boy named Tanjiro; who one day coming back from the village, he discovers his whole family has been slaughtered.He also found that his sister has become a demon. However, despite opposition from another demon slayer, is determined to turn his sister back into a human, risking  it all for his sister Nezuko. He trains with a couple other guys who join his party (Zenitsu and Inueske). The crew of demon slayers go through many trials and just when all seems hopeless, hope arrives!

Can you imagine being put into a situation like this? Risking it all, even when all seems hopeless. If you think about it, this is probably what Jesus was thinking prior to his crucifixion. Throughout his ministry, he had times where he was praised and where he was hated. He, being God; came to earth in a mortal body to see and interact with his creation. Wait, it gets crazier; he put his life on the line to die for his creation. He risked it all so that someday, you me, our friends or family may come to him to offer our selves as servants and live for Christ. Christ ( like Tanjiro) is our ultimate hero. He is the ultimate demon slayer.

This may be a bit of a stretch, but when you become a follower of Christ, you become a child of God, but you also become a demon slayer. You now have power over the Satan and his minions that they will not rob you of the freedom and joy you have in Jesus! While you may not be able to do water breathing or thunder breathing (though that would be cool), you have the assurance of being a child of the King. And that King is the King of Kings and the ultimate Demon Slayer!

A few weeks ago, we did our analysis on Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. You can listen to that episode of our podcast below.

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