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Man Vs. Nature

Ever feel you are in a struggle against things in nature? Man vs. Nature is a classic theme used in many stories. This is when one or more protagonist are struggling against not man, but against the forces of nature. This is generally in the form of woodland animals, forest beasts, etc… However, when it comes to this struggle we also must take into an account what we as Christians struggle against.

In Ephesians 6:12, it states that we are not only in a struggle with man, but against spirits.  This is why it is important to guard ourselves against these things. This means putting on the full armor of God and fighting the good fight! Though when it comes to nature and the battles agains it, aren’t we  asked to care for the land and what inhabitants it? Well yes, but there is a difference between caring for the land and letting things continue because we are told “this is “good” for the environment”.

We talk about this and more in our upcoming episode this week concerning Princess Mononoke. Be sure to tune in on 7/1/22!

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