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My Villain Academia and Our Identity

If you haven’t been keeping up with My Hero Academia lately (MHA), then I would encourage you to do so as currently (in the dubbed world anyway) we are in the villain takeover portion of the current season. This is a bit different in anime (to my knowledge) as we get to take a look at certain villain’s from this series in a different light.

Except for Gravity Falls, it has been a while since I have seen a villain takeover of a show. in “My Villain Academia” as it is being called, we center on the Vanguard Action Squad. Particularly the characters of Dabi, Toga, Twice, Spinner and Mr. Compress. We get to see somewhat of a softer side of these villains and their backstories (something we don’t often see in superhero series). What was surprising to me is that these villains aren’t particularly bad or evil; they just had circumstances happen to them that lead to who they are today. Which begs the question, are people inherently good or bad?

To think someone has all good traits or all bad traits is painting them with a broad brush. We all have both good and bad traits that make us, well…us. Everyone has flaws and imperfections (I can come up with a list for myself and I imagine most of you can to). However, having imperfections or bad traits is not the end of the world, it is what we do with them that counts. For example, say you have an addiction to sugary foods. Well the desire to have those certain food isn’t bad, what is bad is being a slave to that addiction or indulging in it too often.

To borrow a quote from Wreck it Ralph “just because you are bad guy, doesn’t mean you are a bad guy”. What Sangiv (one of the characters in Wreck it Ralph and also from the classic video game Street Fighter) means it because you are labeled as a bad guy , villain, etc.. does not define you. Then what does define us? The better question is “who” defines us, and that is Christ.

Christ see’s all our imperfections, flaws and bad traits, and still calls us sons and daughter of The Most High! As you go through your life and you dwell on your bad traits, remember Jesus loves you for all of who you are high and that is his chosen adopted child.

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