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No Longer Orphans

Family, love ’em or perhaps not love ’em at all, each of us has a family or a group of people we consider family. In the case of animation, we see family display in many different ways. Whether that be dysfunctional via The Simpsons or a “fake” family as displayed in the top rated anime this year Spy X Family. However, what if you were born without a family?

Sadly, we find this to be true when babies are born as an orphans. Whether that be they were put up for adoption from birth or the parents were not present shortly after the birth (this can be due to many reasons). We have a big heart for adoption due to this reason and we want to perhaps go down this road in the future. To show a child love and more importantly demonstrate in a way that shows the love of God.

Did you know we were all born orphans when we are brought into this world? We were destined to sin and death. To go about our lives until we were six feet under. But in Ephesians 1:5, it tell us that we have been adopted by a loving Father and into his wonderful home that he has prepared for us if we choose to follow him.

We talk more about family in this week’s podcast as it relates to American Tail. Check it out on 7/22/22.

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