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Sacrificial Love

Picture this, you and your family go out for a day on the lake. Though you are not a fan of the water, you go anyway in order to have a nice outing. You have had your picnic, played some games with your kids and now those kids are off to play in the lake while you and your partner relax and watch from afar.

All seems sunshine and red roses ,correct? Well what would this picturesque outing be without a bit of drama. After about 15 minutes, you hear a cry for help that can only be distinguished as one of your kids. And that’s when you see it, your kid being swept up in an undercurrent. There is only one action to take, abandon all possibilities of you being hurt in order to rescue your child. This would be one illustration of God’s love for us.

We have all heard the story “Jesus died for your sins”, but do we really understand the severity of what He went through? He was beaten, ridiculed, mocked, etc… He endured some of the most insufferable torment that I don’t believe any of us would wish on our own worst enemy. However, Jesus took it not because He thought it would make a name for himself or to have people feel sorry for him. No, Jesus did this for you, me and all who have sinned The greatest sacrificial love to give eternal life to those that choose to follow Him. He did it knowing, that not all would choose to make Him savior, but He did it in order to save the ones that would.

This week, think about a time you have shown or about some who has demonstrated sacrificial love in your life. Also, you can listen to our podcast as we talk about sacrificial love and a whole lot more in regards to The Lion King.

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