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The Power of Animation

Through the decades, animation has risen to new heights. The invention of CGI, launched a lot of companies into the 21st century. We have also seen the power of animation. From Pixar’s Up to emotionally compelling stories such as the anime movie A Silent Voice. I sometimes ask, why this medium?

I don’t believe that it wasn’t until the last decade or so that animation has exploded into the many genres it has. Some are more thought out than most for sure, but there are those few that really stick out in my mind. Like most of mediums, animation tells a story that has us suspend disbelief more often than something that is live action. The advantage animation has is it gives its creators the ability to have more of a creative license. Think about it, a drawing/computer generated image (CGI) does not have a schedule or a contract requesting a certain pay rate, they don’t have to have all but the red and green skittles removed from their dressing room snack bar, etc… the creation is molded and shaped by the creator.

Something outrageous can sometimes be a big success (i.e. The Simpsons).

Animation uses the way a character moves, their facial expressions, and the soundtrack to bring power to a creation. For example, take a look at this clip from the second season of My Hero Academia. In this particular episode, the character of Todoroki has an internal struggle from his families past. (See clip at bottom of article).

Did you notice how all of the things I mentioned worked so well together that if had you rooting for Todorki and you were wrapped in his inner struggle? I know I was for sure! This is just one of hundreds of examples out there.

Next time you are watching an animated movie or series, take a moment to see what the details are and why they are so central to the story!

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