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The Sanctification of Violet Evergarden

Sanctification is the process of purifying or freeing one from sin. This is exactly what God does for us when we ask Jesus to live within our hearts and make a declaration making Him Lord and savior! Sanctification also makes a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17) and this leads us to someone who you might not correlate with sanctification, Violet Evergarden.

The Netflix original series that premiered in 2018 is pretty popular among different audiences. In addition to the series, there has been a couple OVA’s (original video animations) and two movies. To give you a brief synopsis, Violet we meet after fighting in a war where she is injured and taken to recover and adapt to civilian life. Violet is described as one who does not have a heart, a weapon who is only made to follow orders.

This would be a depressing and sad for most of us. Imagine, if you were only created to follow orders and do things without question. You would surely adapt, but I believe a good majority of us would come to a point where we ask “isn’t there more to this life”? The great thing is there is! God invites us to be in community with him, it is a servant relationship like no other. This one thing violent experiences through her many ventures in the series.

The first is before she is acclimated into civilian life, with Major Gilbert. This is the first person to treat Violet as a person and not a tool for war. Gilbert is also the first person to tell Violet “I love you”. Violet, not understanding certain emotions (including her own) embarks on a mission to find out what that means.

Secondly. Claudia is who gives violet her first step into civilian life, a job at the letter writing/delivery company. Claudia helps Violet to show her that she is not useless just because she is no longer fighting I a war. Violet learns through others that her worth is not in being a tool used for battle, but for who she is and how she can help others.

Violet through these ventures, becomes more and more human. She always was human, she just had to realize it for herself.

We discuss this and more on our podcast. You can listen to the episode here.

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