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Themed Months

If you have l

istened to our podcast for a bit, you know that we will on occasion do a themed month. For those that may not be familiar with our themed series, this happens a few months out of the year. We will take a topic/series/franchise and dedicate an entire month of our podcast to that theme. For example, last year we did Supernatural Series for the month of October. We looked at movies such as Coraline, Corpse Bride, etc… This gave us the opportunity to cover the many facets of the supernatural. We had a lot of fun doing that and that spawned us wanting to do more themed months.

This is kind of likened to spirit week. For those of us who remember, spirit week did not have anything to do with the spiritual world, but more so it was a way to show creativity and fun in school for a particular theme. We had 80’s day, Character day, Crazy Hat day, etc… These were all really fun, but I tend to look for purpose at times when being entertained. While, we are all for having fun, we want to bring a balance of that and use these months to offer more of a devotional for you and your family.

We are really excited to delve into topics that we can expand upon for a given month in our podcast and bring you content that we hope enriches your life and helps open that door for deeper conversation with others about God.

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