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What are you thinking?

"What are you thinking"? Is something I ask myself, because I tend to overthink things. Making things harder than they have to be when the answer is quite simple (but somehow my brain doesn't want to accept that). This past week of the bootcamp I am in really got me thinking on how are minds work.

When it comes to our minds, we get out what we put into it (kind of like a computer in a way). If we put garbage in, we get garbage out. Aside from this though, our minds can also play some tricks on us. Think about this, memories are a funny thing, because everyone remembers the details a bit differently. This is because of something I like to call brain bias. Essentially you have committed to something that makes the memory bias and thus somewhat alters the details. The longer you let the details conform to the bias the more you believe those details to be true.

Another thing about the brain/mind is what is comically called a" brain fart". This is usually the instance where we are reaching for details, a word, a fact, etc... however, are mind has denied us access. We classify this as a brain fart. Brain farts lead to momentary lapse in reason and are reply is often the same when someone ask us the questions we can't answer "I had a brain fart".

I find these things fascinating about how the brain operates. This made me think of Senku from Dr. Stone and how his mind is in constant work mode. I can't imagine that is healthy, but then again Senku is a genius (and he is excited about it by 10 billion percent).Why do I bring up Senku? Well if you have seen the series, Senku is a atheist at the very least (doesn't believe in a higher power).

When you combine belief and your brain you also are training your brain into establishing a belief system.This belief system leads to your choices and signals to your brain how to make you feel about people and situations. These in turn also create what I mentioned earlier which is a brain bias. This also leads to how we feel and react about things in everyday life.This goes along with the mindset and how important that is in creating our overall outlook to how we think about life.

So what are you thinking? Do you have a brain bias? What is your mindset?

Think on this verse when you are mulling these over.

In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.

Phillipians 2:5

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