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What if (blank) Got Saved?

For those of us who grew up in the Christian sect from a young age, we remember kids shows such as Veggietales, Adventures in Odyssey,Bibleman, Storybook, etc.... Some of these were great and some not so much (looking at you Quiggley's Village). But one person came to mind when reminsicing about these shows of the pas,...Chris Rice.

For those that may now know, Chris Rice is what I would describe as a indie sounding contemporary christian artist (think of the early days of Caedmon's Call).

While he mainly did hymns and songs relating to spiritual aspects of Christianity, there was one song he would probably like to forget writing.

"What if Cartoons Got Saved" also referred to as "The Cartoon Song" was an entertaining and whimiscial tune to listen to as a kid, though listening to it now is a bit cringy (and I am sure Chris feels the same). But it got me to thinking,what if secular cartoons did get saved (while this would never happen but an interesting thought)?

The main thing I believe Chris was trying to do in this song is demonstrate while we can't reach fictional animated characters to Christ, it is our job to spread the light to those who are lost in this world. That isn't to say these characters can't be used as aids when ministering to others (we do it each week on the podcast). A more interesting question is "what if the whole world got saved"? Can you imagine the world scene if everyone accepted Jesus as their savior. What would change, how would daily life be conducted?

While everyone has the opportunity to be saved, not all will accept this free gift for the gate is straight and narrow and few will be found there (Matthew 7:14). It is at times like these where we should take a second and ask ourselves "what if (insert person's name) was saved?". How would their life change, how would the relationship between you and this person change?

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