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What is My Calling?

What are you called to do? We have all thought or been asked this questions in our lives. Whether it is what you do for a profession or for God’s Kingdom. I had often found myself questioning, what is my calling recently.

I always served in some capacity when it comes to the church. I was in Youth Group, helped out in Children’s Ministry in College. Moved to doing ushering in my young adult life and now moved in media ministry. Basically helping out every few Sunday’s or so to make sure that our livestream is working correctly, pushing out slides to our virtual audience and all around your tech person for anything media related. I honestly really enjoy this and the people I get be around. However, in my personal life outside of church, I still find myself asking the same question.

When I graduated college, I got my bachelor’s in media production with an minor in film theory. Thought the jobs would just roll in. Well not exactly, as I have come to find out. I have booked some temporary gigs here and there while keeping my day job, but that has been about it. They have been great experiences, but once those stopped, I found the fire dimming for my passion for video production.

This is one reason why I started the podcast. It was something new and wanted to be a bit  more in front of the audience and less behind the camera. Is the podcast my passion? Well it wasn’t when we started out but has become that and we are enjoying it!

I still am unsure of what my calling in this life will be ultimately, but I am trusting God to guide my steps while meditating on 1 Corinthians 7:17. Think on this as well if you are struggling with the question “What is my Calling”?

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