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When Things Don’t Make Sense

With food shortages happening all around the world, the current crisis in Ukraine, and the unsettling rumors of war, it is easy to be fearful and question everything.

Many times, things just don’t make sense, no matter how much we try. It is easy to ask and even blame God for all that is happening. The age old argument seems to always come up, “why would a loving God, allow stuff like this to happen?”. Why I don’t have an answer as to why he specifically is allowing all this to happen, what I can say is that this is all in accordance with His plan (Ephesians 11:1).

In times like these we should take comfort in the verse from Ephesians. While we don’t understand, we can trust in the one who is all knowing! Pray for discernment during these times and stay guraded in your faith!

I will end with this quote from Hange Zoe, one of the main characters from Attack on Titan.

“Even in moments of the deepest despair… I guess we can still find hope,”

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