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Where do you find your self-worth?

Riff raff, street rat, do you buy that? A lot of times we can dwell on negative feedback or a moment where we weren’t at our best. This can often lead to us self deprecation and questioning one’s worth.

“I feel _____because of ______”, what is your fill in the blank in terms of self worth? Did you get a late start because you’re alarm clock didn’t go off and you think that your success is based of sticking to a strict schedule? Maybe, you goofed on a big project at work and some people were not too happy with the outcome? Whatever the case may be, I bet the emotions being felt made you pretty low.

Not attempting to sound like a Hallmark greeting card, but “it’s okay”. You are not defined by your success nor your accolades. In the end, be concerned who’s opinion matters more than anyone else’s , God’s.

Proverbs 3:26 serves as a great reminder to who we are to look to for our self worth and someone who will guide us to not fall.

We talk a lot about self worth in terms of Disney’s Aladdin in our podcast episode. Listen here.

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