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Why Do you Watch Anime?

“But you’re an adult and you watch cartoons”? I never really understood or got the memo that there was an age limit you reached where you were to abandon the things you enjoy (unless if you are convicted to do so).

Cartoons or more specifically anime (please do not confuse the two) has been a source of entertainment for both my wife and I for several years. Though when we tell some people, they react with “oh that’s interesting”. Translation “that’s kind of weird, how old are you guys again”? Thankfully anime has become more mainstream and there is generally a show out there for each audience. No longer were we “that table” in the lunch room that were nerds. I quite like nerdy things and it opens up the doors to all types of fandoms.

From my strict religious upbringing, anime or anything that raised an eyebrow was automatically demonized. It wasn’t until after graduating high school that I began to really seek God for myself and His will for my life. And like it or not, anime I believe is  a part of that. Obviously, we don’t go into a show looking for an uplifting message, but it happens in the most unlikely places.

To hear more about this and our panel discussion of anime, be sure to tune into our podcast on Friday, 7/29/22.

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