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You Have A Voice

Voice acting has always intrigued me and voice actors I have found to be some of the most creative people I have met over the course of my life. I have sometimes thought “maybe I should give voice acting a try” Unfortunately, with a few things working against me (speech impediment that has gotten way better, no acting experience and only a few tones I have experimented with); I don’t think it was mean to be.

I admire those who have this craft to use their voice for entertainment and have given some of our most beloved characters their personality and well…voice!

But aside from voice acting, you have a voice, I have one and so does everyone else. What we use it for is another story. Have you thought about the measure as to which you use your voice when speaking with friends, family co-workers, etc…?  We are told in scripture that “life and death is in the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21). But what does that mean?

Think of this scenario, when you are having a debate with someone who has an opposing view, you have some options, two I will present here. You can take the easy route and cut down the person (death). Or you can take a bit more difficult route and acknowledge the opposition and provide constructive criticism and find some common ground (life). This can also be use in the instance where someone has wronged you. While we can have negative emotions and speak negatively about others, we must remember to speak love and truth in what we do.

Why speak love and truth? By doing so, we share the love and truth of Christ to which we should be an example of when using our voice.

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